Potty Training With Puppy Pads

Using Puppy Pads / Newspapers when Potty Training
While this method of potty training might work best in an apartment setting - to a puppy, those long hallways and stairwells are a long time to hold it! - it can have repercussions. Puppies who are potty trained this way are in essence trained to urinate and defecate in the house. House training can also take longer with this method, as the clear lines of "yes, you can potty here" and "no, don't potty here" are blurred. To a puppy, inside is inside - they won't understand the difference at first.

Puppy pads are most likely preferable to use instead of newspapers, as they are specifically engineered for this purpose. They come in all kinds:
  • scented with pheromones (and/or cut grass)
  • wetness protection (absorbency)
  • leak protection
  • odor control
  • reusable
  • disposable
Newspapers, on the other hand, are free...but, beware, they're not very absorbent.

To use this housebreaking technique, place the pad or newspapers in a designated area. Whenever your puppy changes his activity (wakes up, starts to play, finishes eating, etc.), pick him up and walk him over to the puppy pad and place him on it. If he moves off the pad, gently place him back on it. Be sure to praise him mightily when he does do his deed!

When puppy starts getting the hang of using the pad for going potty, it's time to start moving it closer to the door. The goal is to eventually get the dog to get used to going outdoors - at first on a pad, but then eventually you would wean them off the pads (inside or outside) altogether.


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